Group or solo daytime walks + play with professional dog walker the Dog Park Guy! Monday - Friday, adventures with the pack to local city parks like Alamo Square & Buena Vista Park.

Monthly or Per Walk dog walk rates, depending on your needs. Call Mike,

My phone + email contact info is encrypted with javascript, you must have javascript enabled to see it, or email me at my Gmail address: dogparkmike.

to set up a meet-n-greet with you and your four legged friend.

Providing kind and loving dog walkiing services to San Francisco in Alamo Square, Panhandle / NoPa, Lower Haight, Hayes Valley, Duboce Triangle & surrounding areas for your companion canine.

Dog Park Guy is Licensed by the city of San Francisco, Insured through Kennel Pro, and certified in dog CPR & First Aid.

Pack Walks

One of the pack! Good for socialization and playful exercise, from puppies to seniors. Full-time dogs (every day M-F) or part-time dogs (4 or 3 days per week) are welcome. 45 min. park visits (average) which does not include time spent picking up/dropping off. Most dogs stay out with me at least 1.25 hours or more.

Solo Walks

My current schedule does not allow me to offer solo walks at this time.

"A tired dog is a good dog."